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Is This Where You Live

Oceanic lights are cleverly dim

Blueish features in the lower reaches

We raise our traffic flares to him

Fishnet, girlish, the red ones spark

Holy arcs tracked in the dark

The more I see, the less I look

Here's another name I took

Listen! In the early morning air

The remnants of their eveningwear

Branching off, the road winds east

Deluxe locations just near completion

Come dine with wine and oyster feast

The pearls are real, have one for free

They're washed up by the foam waved sea

The more I look the less I smile

Never mind let's stay awhile

The fans blow secrets on the night

Out of mind but not out of sight

Is this where you live

Broken voices the nylon choir

Nothing left to stoke that fire

All they own is on their tongues

They never see or wonder if

Is this where you live

Thin dogs don't vie for bones

Why desert just to be alone

All they own is on their backs

They can't believe it's you I'm with

Is this where you live

Don't blush as I brush your touch

No need for any speed or rush

All you own is on the floor

I'm buying all you're gonna give

Is this where you live

Coffee stories, the lying truth

Electric lights don't help my youth

All I owned is on my face

Urbane mirror anger myth

Is this where you live

The Church

Is This Where You Live / The Church

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