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One night I saw all this

The ship that drifted in

And from that afternoon you changed

Some fallen leaves were in the drive

A stranger's voice above the wind

The difference was the color of Lorraine

She said that mourning almost tasted blue

Oh Fraulein, that was you

Your phone would ring and ring and ring

The shadows on the beat

The car abandoned long before, when I was free

A message crumpled said something

Yet the language was unknown

Are old mistakes forgotten just like me

She said she's leaving with the crowds

She wants to throw this all away

She said I'm thinking this out loud

That's what I thought you'd say

One night I saw all this

The man who paid the bill

A glance along the noise

Hey baby that's our song

The seagulls all flew away

And when I turned to ask you where

And when I turned to ask you why

You've gone

The Church

Fraulein / The Church

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