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Fighter Pilot Korean War

A thousand powdered parts

Past the sun and moon

The hint of timelessness splashed

On this afternoon

And they tell me I'm inside

When I run and when I hide

I want to touch you

I think my courage must

Never leave this room

It's like the history that

Hides in the monsoon

And they tell me I'm alive

But when I lean into a dive

I want to touch you

At home they think we must be fools

The sky or street, they're both as cruel

When you're running low on fuel

And I ran out books ago

Last night I overheard your prayers

It's emptiness that scares

Or disappearing in thin air

To a lost place down below

Once upon a time

In a distant land

I felt the rising sun

Focussed through my hand

And they tell me I'm so changed

But if I ever was the same

I want to touch you

The action calls me away

The Church

Fighter Pilot Korean War / The Church

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