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Like a womb, night was all around

Someone, somewhere must have talked some sense

I could feel it moving underground

So many things I stll don't understand

The dream I was having took on an ugly face

I don't know if I was walking through heaven

It could have been any place

Skipping 'cross the water, wading through the sand

Awake to find you gone, emptiness is where you lay

I just had to smile for all the things you'll never hear me say

Oh, I know, I could never get that near

What do you expect me to do, disappear?

You and me, we're as free as we can be

Can't you see, like the trees so obvioulsy...

The message disturbs me so I throw it to the wind

And after all the hellos goodbyes etc etc

We can't start this thing again

It's like the fog you walk towards, but never seem to reach

Every morning now I hear that same old song

And though the singer is long dead, his voice goes on and on

Ugliness you have to learn, but beauty you can't teach

Awake to find you gone, a note pinned to my sleeve

It wasn't just the things you took

It was the things you had to leave

Now it seems you were never here

What do you expect me to do, disappear

The Church

Disappear / The Church

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