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A palm tree nodded at me last night

Said hey you look so pale

I don't know if it was the air or the breeze in my hair

I had a feeling I had failed

So down to the beach just out of reach

The moon was being trailed

A girl and a sailor and a hot dog trailer

That's their holy grail

The sand whispered heat and burned the feet

Of gulls landing on the shore

In the motel pool the waitress cools

She doesn't ask for more

She makes a wish she takes a risk

She opens up her door

Through human eyes she's a dolphin in disguise

It's the last night of the war

Somewhere far away there's another day

And someone's getting out of bed

She put on her face in the morning space

She doesn't know she's dead

Her ruby lips can't excite me anymore

And pain sprawls on the chair, it's always there

And he descends the stairs, he doesn't see

The sunburnt landlord glares, for all the people

He can never be

The Church

Bel-Air / The Church

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