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Thorn-emi Lighting

Raw materials are running out, there'll be no more tungsten to put in light bulbs

Because the light bulb companies used it up, making light bulbs which run out

Instead of making ones which last for years, y'know they can, they got the know-how

They do the same with cars so they can sell, sell, and keep selling well

But by then there'll be no more cars, no more coal, no electricity

Because those in power got this ultimate power, one way power, nuclear power

Chain reacting accumulating illness, but their cure is killing us

The only questions asked, "how much does it cost? how much can we make?"

"how much does it cost, and how much can we make?"

Well it's kind of expensive, but the government will give you big, big grants

If you do a bit of work for them, it's a good investment

I mean you can't touch it really, 'cause once you're in it lasts forever

So how much does it cost and how much can we make?

It costs the earth can't you see

Can't see radioactivity

Can't hear radioactivity

Can't smell radioactivity

It just kills you


Thorn-emi Lighting / Chumbawamba

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