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The Big Issue (Acoustic Version)


There are those

Spend the night under bridges

Over by the river

Down in the park through the winter

But there's a house that I know, safe and warm

And no-one ever goes there

Down where the priests bless the wine

She's been born into the wrong time

She's got nonsense on her mind

She's a poet, she's a builder

She's as bored as bored can be

She's a have-not, she's a know-all

She knows just how to say yes

She's skating frozen chaos

Till the no-good gods are dead

But sometimes in the dead of night

Woken by the city lights

She wonders how she keeps alive

(Repeat chorus)

She's a clueless social climber

Likes the wrong side of the bed

She's a pick-me-up and a drink-to-me

In the company of friends

She's tried every variation

She's so common, she's so cold

She's homesick for a future

Can't stomach what she's told

On every street in every town

All her days are up and down

At home among the lost-and-founds

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat chorus)


The Big Issue (Acoustic Version) / Chumbawamba

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