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Slag Aid

This is the last one

Organize, occupy, kick the bastards out

Don't wear the gold lam

In keeping with the fashion for charity, not change

Here's out contribution--we've called it Slag Aid

For every pop star that we slag off today

Twenty-five million pounds will be given away

Paul McCartney - come on down

With crocodile tears to irrigate this ground

Make of Somalia a fertile paradise

Where everyone sings Beatles songs, buys shares in EMI

A and M

Axl Rose, this is your life

Thank the Lord that you were born white

And thank MTV for this wonderful opportunity

To peddle your hypocrisy

David Bowie, the price is right

With a suitful of compassion and a gobful of shite

Still the voices of those who doubt

Coca-Cola for the peasants

And Michael Jackson, game for a laugh

Dancing us down the garden path

To Beverly Hills nine oh one oh, you know, you know

Fill the world with silver media

Ladies and Gentlemen, our special guest tonight

He's come all the way, put your hands together for Mr. John Lydon

AKA Johnny Rotten

He's got a new book out, no McLaren, no Matlock, no Dignity

Well we got a surprise for him tonight

'Cause we're gonna do the business, and we take no prisoners

'Cause we got the hammer and we got the nails

We got the hammer and we got the nails

We got the hammer and we got the nails

And the two pieces of wood

Put 'em together, folks, and what have we got?

Tonight, live in Leeds, in city square, we've got the two pieces of wood sitting up

You see him hanging there, he's upside down, nice little twist

Because we're gonna nail Mr. Lighton right up to that cross and leave him hanging there

Till the vultures come down and pick his eyes off his can, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha!

Ladies and gentlemen, you've been so good

Thank you, on next week's show, the man upstairs

And have we got a bone to pick with him!


Thank you very much

Thanks a lot





Slag Aid / Chumbawamba

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