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Sewing Up Crap

I don't know (Repeats)

Chain, chain, chain (Repeats)

A cut-price empire

Clean-cut lines

A perfect body

And a dirty mind

The rules of this game

Say we all look the same

Chain, chain, chain (Repeats)

We'll put a spin on it

We'll take a pencil to it

We'll make a virtue out of keeping oh so quiet about it

I don't know, and I don't want to know (Repeats)

Chain, chain, chain (Repeats)

Talk about child's play

Count the birthdays

A stitch in time says 'Just look the other way'

The rules of this game

Say you don't know her name

Chain, chain, chain (Repeats)

We'll span a hundred years for it

We'll make a killing out of it

And we'll corner the market

By keeping oh so quiet about it

Chain, chain, chain (Repeats)

Working for The Gap

Sewing up crap


One up the chimney goes

Two hawks a tray of matches

Three braves the weaving floor

All pray for the life of Four

Five down the pit descends

Six plows in fields and meadows

Seven spins the handloom round

Eight lies in th' burial ground



Sewing Up Crap / Chumbawamba

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