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 Chumbawamba Chumbawambaрок-группа

Rich Popstars Make Good Socialists

Missionaries up from the south

Have come to put words in our ignorant mouths

Big company muscles flex

And we're all pulled along by the seat of our kecks

Popstars to lead us to the promised land

Same rich bastards in command

All responsibility out of our hands

Just work for their party and cheer for their bands

Red banners angry lawyers keep checking on their bobs and tanners

Same old dances and five year plans

Will never bridge the gap between stars and fans

What's unsaid is left unsaid as the bosses

Lure the popstars into their beds

Allowed to indulge in their political bread

There's too many people who agree to be led

The pied piper came today

Autograph autograph to lead us away

Out of the town behind the piper

Over the cliff and into the river


Rich Popstars Make Good Socialists / Chumbawamba

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