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Love Me

I'm an anarchist

I'm the anti-christ

Well sort of not really

It's not big not clever

And I'm quite a reansonable fella

Your friendly uncle good with kids good ol' paternalist pop

good cop bad cop good cop bad cop good cop good cop

I was a wannabe and wannabe don't know what they want to be

I needn't have worried 'cos the man upstairs was looking out for me

God gave me the finger with his free hand

Now I'm his left hand man

Hey punk don't call me Mac

My name is Johnny Trabant

Love me

They call me the Great Pretender

John Noakes was my mentor

I'm a walking talking ides man

Here's one I prepared earlier

Stretch armstrong and his rubber band

Edwin Meese and the sex-police

Pleae Mr.Postman post-post-modern deliver us from Elvis

Be-bop-a-lu-la my baby-baby does good culture yes

Now I found what I'm looking for I find myself in another fine mess

Someone muddied my waters

I lost my way but now I see

I o.d'd on irony

I'll rediscover god for the next LP

Love me

Bend me shape me anywhere you want me whatever you want I'll be your hearts desire

Black and cuddly

You want love me

Pop me corc watch me pop like bubbly

Hot or not you've got to use what you've got

Where's the weak spot

Let me take a shot

What a turn on

Does it feel lovely

Love me love me

Johnny Pretenious moi

The ghost of Eamonn Andrews smiling watching over me

I love it let's shot it "Jhonny Trabba the movie"

I paid my dues I sung the blues

I've done pain and personal hell

Pass me the phone I got calls to make

This will sell and sell

I'm as "Bob Roberts" to your Phil Ochs

Talking political

So love me

love me

love me

I'm a liberal

love me


love me


Love Me / Chumbawamba

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