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LAUGHING (Never Stopped Mix)

Just when you figured it out someone lets you down

Who'll make all the wrong decisions when the judge is up for trial?

No-one has the cure for all our daily hurts

Least of all this rock and roll

And I never-ever said what you said I said

What price poverty sheik?

What price scissors and stone?

All queueing up for the knacker's yard

Crack you face, laugh out loud

For a few brief words and a few short lines I was taken to the coliseum, fed to the lions. And lions aren't the type you can really love enough, but you can turn 'em into rugs! Ow mate, can you spare some change? Too much. Are you down on your fashion, or down on your luck? Sometimes questions never get dropped. Oi Mick, are you dancing? I never stopped!

L A U G H I N G laughing...



LAUGHING (Never Stopped Mix) / Chumbawamba

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