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Just Us Mix

Justice, injustice

Justice, injustice

Drip feed democracy, and collective amnesia

A cocktail of beatings, imprisonment, and poverty

Bitter medicine, no longer disguised with a spoonful of sugar

The state, its Tory psycopaths and labour apologists are coming clean

The bullies and the cowards are ganging up on us

(There ain't no justice, just us)

The carrots been ditched, the stick works best

Disagree and discover that there's always someone on hand to beat some sense into you

This is justice

Some would say that justice stings without regard to right or wrong

Some like the Guilford four and the Birmingham six spent years locked up discovering a justice which was racist, blind, and unable to admit its mistakes

(Open your eyes)

Some, like thousands of homeless people begging outside Britains tran stations and sleeping rough on the street find their justice in a society which criminalizes its poor

Some, like Joy Gardner, died from justice administered by cops, trying to deport her using the force of law and the force of violence

Some, who grow up loving people of their own sex, find that what they thought was natural is punishable in the courst

A bigoted conservatinve hateful justice

Some, like the police, are servants of bullies and cowards who pay their salaries find that justice never falls on the shoulders of those wearing the uniform

Justice, injustice

Justice, injustice

Justice is getting greedy, inventing new crimes to punish

(There ain't no justice, just us)

And now justice openly wants to break up the party, wants to smash the homes of squatters, smash the bones of strikers

Justice is issuing the cops with bigger batons, tougher laws

Taking away your right to silence, and replacing it with a need to scream

Justice is no longer pretending to be just

Justice, injustice

Justice, criminal injustice

There is no justice, just us


Just Us Mix / Chumbawamba

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