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In The Thick Of It

Chap aged twenty-three

Some pieces of my mind

I can be so happy just lying down

Back to the brown, looking up at the stars

On a clear summer's night i can think wow!

Well, i don't even have to think it, i just feel it

But i can be sad, so fucking sad

Lying on my side on my bed staring into space

And i can think, what a hassle what a bastard

What a load of shit life is

Life is wonderful, so intricate yet simple

It truly amazes me

How poeple like me confuse and abuse it

When really it's so precious to me

But i hold on, i hold on for dear life

To my fears as much as i do my hopes

I get bogged down and i dissappear

At times like this i just can't see very clear

Clearly a wise person once said to me

Life is, and that is all there is

To it, t'woo to it, t'woo

That's all there is to it, you twit

And so my lifes goes on, and on, and on, and on

Like i said, earlier on, it's really so precious to me

And that's the way it is, and that's the why i'm here

And it's worth shouting about, and this is how it sounds

And it's as simple as this, i just want to be loved

Same as anybody else, i just want to be loved


In The Thick Of It / Chumbawamba

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