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I Never Gave Up


I want to hear some revolution out there!


If you survive me

I Never gave up

Tell them this

I Never gave up

If you survive me

I Never gave up

Tell them this

Almost as if I were planning ahead

I drank, I ate, I made love

I learnt to snatch whatever I could

I never asked for pity and I never gave up

(Repeat chorus)

Twenty months I kept accounts

And in the end they'll balance out

Sometimes I vomit happy memories

Sometimes I laugh out loud just to crack my face

(Repeat chorus)

If I meet Hitler in the other place

I'll spit this precious soup in his face

And all my accounts will be settled, you see

'Cause Hitler never ever got the better of me

(Repeat chorus)

I never gave up, I never gave up

I crawled in the mud but I never gave up

Ta, we do say ta

What kind of terrorist are they?

An old school terrorist.

An old school terrorist? Forget it!




I Never Gave Up / Chumbawamba

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