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91. School Team

I always wanted to play

In the school football team

But the coach said I wasn't fast enough

I wasn't no good it seemed

I used to watch them practice

But I never got a game

I went to every trial they had

But every time I failed

I didn't want to be Pele

Unlike all my mates

That wasn't my ambition

I just wanted once to play

The football team would travel out

Playing other schools

But they'd never take me on the bus

Although I begged them to

Of course they'd all return

With talk of Robbo's goals

And how little Nobby Forder

Took the defense all on his own

All the ninety minutes were relived

Well, that's how to me it seemed

As I sat in awe and watched myself

Playing in my dreams

In my dreams...

Playing in my dreams...

In my dreams...

But never once the real thing

They'd never let me play

They just said I wasn't good enough

And I'd just get in the way

But then one day it happened

A real scorcher in mid-March

Paul Robbo broke his leg

And Nobby Forder holidayed in France

Kevin Soaper and Big Nose Duggan

They both caught chicken pox

They were both at home confined to bed

To nurse their itchy spots

It was the all-important semi-final

Second leg of the cup

Against local rivals Queensbury Boy's School

They were one nil up

The coach turned to me in desperation

And he pleaded for my help

"This is it, your big chance David!

Can you make the numbers up?"

Well I grinned from ear to ear

And I must have looked quite chuffed

As I seized my opportunity

And told him to get stuffed!


91. School Team / Chumbawamba

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