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Чак Берри Чак БерриАмериканский певец, гитарист, автор песен.

No Particualr Place To Go

Oh Baby Doll

Oh Baby Doll!

when bells ring out the summer free

Oh baby doll

will it end for you and me?

We'll sing our old Alma Mater

and think of things that used to be

I remember it so well

back when the weather was cool

we used to have so much fun

when we were walking to school

if we stopped off to hear

the latest songs they sing

and we just make it in

before the bells would ring

Oh Baby Doll!


When the teacher was gone

that's when we'd have a ball

we use to dance and play

all up and down the hall

we had a portable radio

we was ballin' the jack

We'd be all back in order

when the teacher got back

Oh Baby Doll!


Чак Берри

No Particualr Place To Go / Чак Берри

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