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Summer at Bercallios

C'mon let's go down to the lake tonight

There's gonna be a bloody fight

It gives me a rush I can never get

From breaking shit - who can forget about

Those stupid kids who dress all weird

You know the ones - those fucking queers

By the end of the night they'll get the betz

'Cause I'm so macho and they're so weak


I'm gonna beat your face in w. my big wooden

Spikey bat - if you cry I'll do it harder

Just remember I've got a gat under my shirt

I'm good to flirt always looking always alert

The ladies love me I'm so fly

But in the end I get denied

I'm so big and tough and cool

How come I only fight @ school

I get respect from my friends that I deserve

School spirit is so great

I love the pride and learn to hate

It's another life's lesson that school will say

To conform to the system in every way


You're so dead tonight


Summer at Bercallios /

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