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Black Trek IV - The Voyage Home


Ninety-two! The rebel comes back

I wanna go home, so won't you please go home

I wanna go home, so won't you go home

I wanna go home, so won't you please go home

I wanna go home, so nigga go home

Verse One:

Yo, it's burning in Paris, Demaris, the madness, I've had this

The sadness, even Gladys, lost her Pips

It means it's time to make a trip to Johannesburg

I don't care -- what the word is about

Cause my history has to spout

From all over the land while I eat some trout

Cause America, my motherland ain't hearing ya

If I can catch her, Thatcher damn I'll use my Derringer

Political polls calls for death tolls, bullet holes

Wolves in the fold

The sum can't be greater than the whole

But many have died -- died while they cried

Pearl Harbord ninety-two, that's the idea

I mean Port Natal it's right there

The revolution won't be televised this time

The schematics draw from the mind

Besides physical we need mental fighters

For the destruction of the vipers

The coffee without the sugar and the cream is too strong

And we're back where we belong


Verse Two:

The winners, legends or beginners

Get on the scene and then they turn into sinners

Yes they say they're a born again christian

read a bible but they're really on a mission

That's hostile so sing your gospel

Check the region of the first man fossil

Plain truth embedded in hieroglyphics

The specifics of american civics get real sticky

Rap has put it back on track

With hard core conscious rap

But magazine fiends aim for the gut

What should I do? Keep my mouth shut?

Hell no! The editor scandal

Black Trek IV - The Voyage Home /

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