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life aint strife {featuring will K}

forever searching for my life, but all i found is strife, aint no life in strife so stay away from what i have to say,shoot when i flow its time for u white boys to go,will is here and now u should be scared cause when we flow, will take the wheel and show them how ya feel.....{will}

this is will here i go, i might be white but i got a nasty flo, everytime i go to the hoop i get hooked up by my boy named oop. even tho im white i can dunk over brothas, i can jump like no other white man, no, none others like me you see, i break ur ankles and take it to the basket, or i pull it up for a three and i blast it, i drive a 93 cadillac sedan deville, when i get in the backseat w/ my girl its ill, but i aint the only one usin that back seat, zipp b back there makin a buncha heat, well tahts it thats all i gotta say, ill let my boy chris take it listen to his way.........{chris}

hah thats nice will, but watch it aight? cause here i go bout to flow seeing all white and all spite, spiting tracts so ya keep checkin for it, and now ya see how i cant ignore it,with my pen in hand and my mike here by me all who know me see i can emcee,blasting these beat while here on these streets cracker cant be so sad ya see, will as my bro haha ya right he aint no hoe, he takes it to da hoop and dunks it in fo me, i shake two peeps and dribble through ya knees,i put it up and will makes ya see, that it cant be done without alley or oop but when we get together ya see what we can do, so watch out cause the new school is here with zipp and will ya'll suckers should fear,even though we is white ya'll haters cant spite, cause when i put it up for 3 your eyes will burn and your stomachs will churn cause when ya drop ya eyes and smoke ya weed you'll soon see that u cant outdo me, i shake ya and bake ya and take it to ya, soon hater will burn, now i have done my flow so i can go, hate and peace to all who read, never forget its me zipp ya emcee

life aint strife {featuring will K} /

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