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Come Rejoice All Good Christians

Come rejoice, all good Christians,

And rejoice now, I pray,

For joy our Redeemer

Was born on this day,

In the city of David,

And a cottage so poor:

Then rejoice and be your merry,

We have blessings in store.


And therefore be your merry,

Rejoice and be your merry,

Set sorrows away,

Christ Jesus our Saviour

Was born on this day.

Our Lord he was born

Of a Virgin most pure,

Within a poor stable

Both safe and secure.

He was guarded most safely

With Angels so bright,

Who told three poor Shepherds

Those things in the night. Chorus

They said, Be not fearful,

But to Bethlehem go:

Then rejoice and be chearful,

For 'tis certainly so.

For a young Son to Joseph

Is in Bethlehem born:

Then rejoice, all good Christians,

And cease for to mourn. Chorus

And when those three Shepherds

Did to Bethlehem come,

And arrived at the stable,

Then in they did run,

Where they found blessed Mary

With Jesus her Son:

There they found our Lord sleeping,

And thus they begun. Chorus

With the sweetest Hallelujah

The Heavens did rejoice,

With the Saints and the Angels,

And all with sweet voice,

Crying Glory and honour

To our Heavenly King,

In the clouds of the air

Then this Host they did sing. Chorus

Then well may we Christians,

That dwell on the earth,

Rejoice and be glad

For sweet Jesus his birth,

Who brought us salvation,

If we mind but the same:

Then let all in the nation

Sing praise to his name. Chorus

With true zeal and honour

Let us joyfully sing,

In praise of our salvation,

To our Heavenly King;

To our Heavenly Father,-

Come Rejoice All Good Christians /

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