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Christmas Dinner With Sam

This year I'm havin Christmas dinner

With me buddy Sam

He said ther'd be no turkey

But there's lots of turrs and ham

A roast of moose, a great big goose

A bottle of bakeapple jam

Oh to celebrate Christmas day

With me buddy Sam

He'll need a stove as big as the cove

If he's gonna cook all that stuff

He'll probly want you all along

And I'm sure he'll have enough

If we don't get snow for the reindeers

Old santa will ride his trike

You never can tell, if things go well

He'll stay all Christmas night

Everyone is headin up the bay

We'll be eatin turrs and moose all Christmas day

Gonna be the brightest spot in Newfoundland

We're celebraten Christmas day with me buddy Sam

We'll sleep in Johnny's waterbed

If we can't get home that night

She'll be loaded down with jingle bells

And lots of Christmas lights

There'll be Christmas songs a'ringin'

All over Newfoundland

We're celebraten Christmas eve

With me buddy Sam

Christmas Dinner With Sam /

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