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Augustus Caesar Having Brought

Augustus Caesar having brought

The world to quiet peace,

That all the noise of bloody wars

In every land did cease;

Just Joseph, with his Mary mild,

To Bethlehem did come,

Which blessed place appointed was

To ease her burden'd womb


O sing we all, with heart and voice,

Let Christian love increase,

For unto us this day is born

The only Prince of Peace.

Then, all the town being full of guests,

Such was their helpless case,

That not a bed for them was left,

Nor any lodging place;

But in a poor and simple inn,

Even an ox's stall

Appointed was to entertain

The Saviour of us all. Chorus

No mantle, nor no rich attire,

No swaddling bands, nor linen rare,

No costly robes, nor golden treasure,

Could Jesus Christ our Lord have there.

No other nurse nor lullaby,

But blessed Mary's arms,

To rock this blessed babe to sleep,

With heavenly hymns and charms. Chorus

Thus was the Son of God not born

In majesty and state,

As Princes of the Nations be,

Tho' he a Prince most great:

Yet at his blessed birth the choirs

Of heavenly Angels sing,

And every thing for Jury's King

Rejoiced with thanksgiving. Chorus

O Holy, Holy, Lord of Hosts,

This was their joy and mirth,

Which sounded out on every coast,

For Jesus Christ his birth.

Both Cherubim, and Seraphim,

With all the Hosts of Heaven,

With joyful voice sang praises forth,

To glorify this even. Chorus

And when that blessed morning came

That God's dear Son was born,

A glorious Star with blazing beams

Did all the skies adorn,

Which unto Shepherds in the fields

The first of all appear'd;

A voice like

Augustus Caesar Having Brought /

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