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I Can Be That Woman

Christian Milian Lyrics

I Can Be That Woman


Someday you're gonna know

There's more to get than what you've got

You gotta learn to let go

Stop living it up, ready or not

Cuz you don't know what you want

But I can show you what you're missing

You say you've played around and then some


But you've never had it all

All in one woman beofre

The way that you want her to be

Look at me, can't you see?

I'll be everything you ever need


You want sexy, baby I got it

Undress me whenever you want it

Everybody needs somebody

I can be that woman

So take it easy, but take it

Feel me, if you need someone to make you feel this good

I can be that woman


Time to act, make your movie

You gotta react honey

You've got nothing to lose

But the chains on your heart, the clothes on your back

Didn't I make you get down

Didn't I make you feel better

Ok, we fooled around but you haven't had it all


All that we had was one time

A taste of the best you can find

Step inside

Feel me driving you out of your mind


Кристина Милиан

I Can Be That Woman / Кристина Милиан

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