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7 Days

Christian Milian Lyrics

7 Days


I'm in love with my man but it seems like everyone always asks me

How is it that we can work out

We got the type of ghetto love

We fuss and fight then we make up

I guess that's what it's all about

CUz time and time I tried to leave but

For him I get weak, I just can't let him go

And even though he gets to me

Seven days a week

We just can't get enough

And that's why


On Monday we'll be breaking up

On Tuesday we'll be making up

Wednesday we'll be making love

On Thursday it just sleep all day

On Friday I give you room to play

Saturday, Sunday I just can't stay away


I just can't spend a day without him, sometimes my girls trip about it

But I don't care what they have to say

See, he don't have to buy me roses

He loves me and knows how to show it

He turns me on in every way

Day by day it seems to be that for him I get weak

I just can't let him go

And it's not that hard to see that

Seven days a week

We just can't get enough

And that's why


It's so hard for everyone to see I love him and he loves me

Seven days a week

I'm so down for him and

He's so down for me and

That's how we're gonna be

(On Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thurdsay - Friday - Saturday)

It's gonna be; yeah


Кристина Милиан

7 Days / Кристина Милиан

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