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Кристина Агилера Кристина АгилераПевица, актриса и модель

Virgin Sexy

She wants to be beutiful

Feeling kinda sexual

Getting it on

Hips moving walking down the street

Lips talkin' sayin' something sweet

But she doesn't know


Strobe lights

I'm lookin' tight

In my snake skin boots

Feelin' lucky tonight

C'mon hormones raging

I wanna turn the pageing

take a look inside

It's amazin


How do i know if i'm ready to take it there

Just thinkin' about it really scares me like Freddie

Coz i'm virgin, virgin sexy

If you want me just text me

Coz i'm havin' a chemical reaction

C'mon baby

Or she sees is lust in his eyes

Like he wants to be the first

She ain't ready for the suprise

He just wants to get the job done

Heading straight for the dangerzone

Daddy want to keep her ass home

Wants to explore the unknown

Roaming like a little cell phone



Verse 1


She wants to be beautiful

Feeling kinda sexual

Getting it on

Hips moving

Walking down the street

Кристина Агилера

Virgin Sexy / Кристина Агилера

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