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When im out on the road

Goin from show to show

Told my homie Romeo how much i miss u so

I dont know how much longer it will be

im missin you wantin you *ha* an i really wanna talk to you

*oh no* i left my 2-way at home still sittin on the charger

*oh no* my battery dead on my my cell phone n i really wanna call ya

J-boog lemme use your phone, gotta call my baby-girl back home

let her know what she means to me cause weve gotta be


Cause your my angel, your my heart girl

Cause your my evey thing, your everything i want in a woman

your everything i need in a woman



I got you on the phone, you sayin you wish i was home, but then you flip

the script, to put me in the wrong,and you think im lyin when ive been

tryin all day to talk to you, jugglin videos and photo shoots,

baby girl dont think that one mintue goes by and i dont really wanna call

ya, dont think that im screenin my calls or checkin my caller I.D tryna

dodge you girl

Tryna be all i can be, a young man in this industry,you mean the world to me

you are my everything my,


Girl i want u to know that nothing will come between you and me

Girl i want you to know that you'll always be, my everything


Baby-girl im missin you cant wait to get home so i can hold you

plain as love when it comes to you, faithful and true is what i stay to you

you my homie wanna chill wit you throw on some sweats wit some Nike

shoes, all get sa-ditty for me, blue-y skirt wit a mini tee,

See times been hard for me, bein on the road wit out my wifey

lookin at my watch as time goes by, lookin at the sky as the day goes by

wishin on these days you could fly, till the next time

Кристина Агилера

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