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Кристина Агилера Кристина АгилераПевица, актриса и модель

We'Re A Miracle

Here we are, safe at last

We can breath a sigh,

seems the storm has passed

All our friends would ask us why

with all that stood between us

Why did we even try

No one I know

imagined we would make it

But it only made us glad, we both believed...



You and me, we?'re a miracle

meant to be and nothing can change it

mountains move and oceans part

when they are standing in our way

You and me, we?'re a miracle

Angels stand watching over us

and heaven shines upon us everyday

All my life I felt incomplete

but you turned my soul

with your love so sweetly

You hear my thoughts

You read my minds

You?'re the part of me,yeah

I thought I?'d never find

No one I know

can make me feel like you do

You hold me and I feel like I can fly...


The chance was so unlikely

that we would ever win

Two stars above the heavens

Destiny brought you to me


Кристина Агилера

We'Re A Miracle / Кристина Агилера

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