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One Great Song

Hey everybody, this is my new song!

And want y'all to get hot, get hot, get hoooot!

Hey Girls,

Would you like to get lesbian with me?

Like to lick my cunt?

I do it all for free

You don't have to hunt.

Hey Boys,

Like to ass-fuck me?

I wanna feel your sperm beside my legs

I should swallow?

OK, I won't say no.

Oh, come on over

Over to me

Give me your dick

I wanna suck

Pinch my hard nipples

Puff into my whole.


I'm a whore

Everybody knows?

I'm a whore

I'm just a famous whore

I like to suck, like to fuck

What want you more?

My Momma told me...

The only way you'll have to live

Is just to be there

I didn't misunderstood

Cuz I'm really fair

I'm there in everyway

For all people they are hot

I went my mothers way

I understood

That I can't sing

My voice is just a pain

Everyone who was listening

Couldn't get their hands off their ears

So I saw that I'm better,

In the porno biz


I'm so horny, I'm so hot

Is there somebody who would push

Кристина Агилера

One Great Song / Кристина Агилера

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