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Don'T Make Me Love You

Why you wanna rush into my life

Don?'t you wanna start to get to know me better

We?'ve got all the time in the world tonite

If romance will be, we'll be together

Stay round

just slow it down

?'till we find out if we got what it takes


Don?'t make me love you?' till I?'m ready

Don?'t make me give you more than my kisses

I need you to go slow and steady

Don?'t make me love you?'till I?'m ready

Everything I know about you so far

makes me believe that you?'re the one for me

But there?'s still a lot that?'s on my mind

I need time before we go further, don?'t you see

So hold me

fold me

but don?'t be thinking I don?'t want you to


Кристина Агилера

Don'T Make Me Love You / Кристина Агилера

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