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Without You

Here we are baby close enough to see each others truths

No more hiding from the pain or leveling out the proof

And whatever we come to now, whatever bridges that burn down

Im right beside you

Here we are miles from the music and the mite

You used to rock me gently most every time I cried

Cold weather to my bones crying all alone

Oh, how I need you

Here we are I was taught that you can never see

Who you really are from who the world expects you to be

And the closer I get to my shame and to this sad refrain

I know Im losing you

Still I cant bring myself to throw in this towel and let you go

So here we are sitting in this solitary place

Standing up for ourselves and seeing if theres still a single trace

For better and for worse, but we never said those words

Who am I without you

Without You /

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