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Painters Eyes

Twenty-five years ago you promised me

A ride on a river that was too close to see

And giving me all your hope the colors bled endlessly

And I watched as your canvasses fell from the walls to weep

So heres to the castles built too close to the tide

Not one in this place has survived

But if you are standing, well you know that Ive tried

With a head and a heart and a painters eyes

In the heart of a universe with a thousand histories

Who can say our lives are any longer than the average wistful breeze

But give me time to chase down the sun, and the breath for a hundred songs

And all the brightest colors that you used to paint your masterpiece

I wish I could tell you, hey I know how you feel

You got lost, I got cheated in the worst of deals

One day I will lay down and Ill feel what you feel

Until then Ill get by with a painters eyes

If I sing out from my soul now will you hear the words I cry

And will you always see through my painters eyes

Painters Eyes /

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