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If Jesus Came Today

Every year round Christmas I grow vacant I grow mute

And though Ive met my conscience I have yet to feel renewed

They say the world is spinning and the mood is one of hope

Still I keep waiting for the punch line to this joke

For if Jesus came today who would not betray

And the star of another memory fades

Silver spoons and gold balloons will never break the chain

When what we take from history is pride instead of shame

You reveal your poverty and I reveal my wealth

But to the sky above us our lives are parallel

Yet we have both become two instead of one

And we drink our wine in allegiance to the kingdom

Jesus is a yardstick nothing more, until we find him washed upon our shore

Every year round Christmas I go out and buy a tree

Take it home and light it up and thank my destiny

But if the world outside explodes and crashes through my walls

I may try to build them again but know theyre bound to fall

And if Jesus came today who would not betray

And the stars of a thousand memories fade

If Jesus Came Today /

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