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Ask You Out

I was wondering how you felt about short hair and the movies baby

And I was wondering about that smile guess its seen a lot of lovers

Maybe its been longer than I thought, guess I got a lot of doubt

But would you mind if I asked you out

Now, every breakup has its memory just like points along a graph

You came in at just the right time its been so long since I laughed

You might be important to me, besides that youre well endowed

So would you mind if I asked you out

I havent been alone for too long baby and the past aint far behind

So we should take it slowly now really or you could spend the night tonight

So tell me that you love the ocean, sleeping under starry sky

Say that you aint got no big dog, knock me down and drink my wine

You can start a fire in my heart better than any boy scout

So would you mind if I asked you out

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