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So In Love

All alone on a nighttrain

Like a stranger on a sinking ship

Will i ever know the secret to your heart

Do you care, am i dreaming

When i reach for you is that burning flame

Just inside of me are we a world apart

Chorus :

I'm so in love, so in love with you

I'm so in love, if you only knew

I'm so in love, i'll never be the same

Cause i'm so in love, i'm so in love with you

Should i dare to entice you

Will a touch of your fingertips, take my heart again

You know it's been so long

Is it wrong how i want you

When it feels so right being close and

Who is to tell me now that all's been said and done


You, you never understood

And you were gone when our love felt so good

You unchain my heart and set me free

Or tell me that you're gonna be with me

[chorus] x 3

So In Love /

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