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Words In The Wires

Out where the time stands still and tele-poles stand gray

Almost where ocean meets the sky

My home looked pretty from the road that I left on

But the road looks prettier tonight

Thats where my cross lay pathed with catalyst madams

Amidst lulu and bird cherry

She reminded me of people I have known

But friends turn out so differently

Only but one score ago we ran across the floor

Screaming we want to be older!

So harnessed her, oh to be floating there

A wisdom that somebody told her

Relocation just to figure if I am

Because of or despite

If only these wires could echoe once again

Theres more to hear than meets the eye

Only one stones throw away is were we used to play

when somebody stole her

And now we are here only five miles from there

And she falls asleep on my shoulder

Then the rain came rolling in

She said where shed been oh where shes been

Words In The Wires /

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