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Spirit Boy

There's a little girl down south

And her daddy's got a ranch

'Bout as big as my town

And one day I swear

I'm gonna go down there and get her out

From the letter that I got last fall

She said you know you're the one I love most of all

But my face is up on the sheriff's wall

And there's reward signs posted up

And down the red river line

That I cross that very night

Trying to find my heart and looking for a fight

And there were four guards standing on the wall

I drew two six-guns

And I watched them fall

Oh yeah


Well I came busting through them gates

Into a 12 gauge and a 38

But I was quick on the draw and I got 'em all

Yelled out to Rosa Bella

As she came walking softly through the night

Her hair so long and looking at me

With those big blue eyes

I grabbed her hand and we ran to leave

But her daddy came a-running from around a tree

And said

Spirit Boy /

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