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Get a Better One

Lemme tell ya 'bout Linda Lou,

She had a big head,

She slept with her hat on,

She had a big butt too,

She kept me whole with a big heart,

She went away, I fell apart,

I'm all alone,

Yeah, I'm on my own.

Lemme tell ya 'bout Betty Jean,

She had a filthy mind,

She worked at the car wash,

But she could not come clean,

Long as I live I'm gonna love her to death,

She said she'd be back, I don't hold my breath,

I'm all alone,

Yeah, I'm on my own.


I don't know why,

They get a look in their eye,

And they leave me,

They think I don't know

What's goin' on,

But believe me, I know they're gone.

Lemme tell ya 'bout Billie Ray,

She told me she needed a man,

Money's nothin',

But that's all she'd say.

I couldn't get her to say I do,

Now she's gone, the money too,

I'm all alone.

Yeah I'm on my own.

I'm gonna get me a better one,

One with one name,

Who comes when I call her,

We'll have a lot of fun,

Be glad to see me when I get home,

Wag her tail when I bring her bones,

I ain't alone,

Never on my own.


We'll sit together, in the evenin',

We'll stick together,

We'll never think about leavin'

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