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Spare An Angel

Found her stare'n at the rain

And askn why it has to hurt so bad

Wheres the limit to the pain her heart can take

Before it breaks in half

I wanted to be strong enough to hold her

And show her the way

But shes so far out of reach

And now all I can do is pray

Can you spare an angel tonight

Send a little help from your side

Cuz somebodys lost down here

Let him wing his way through the dark

Carry some of your love into her heart

Can you spare an angel

Spare an angel

Spare an angel

She wonders further in the dark

Feels the cold and hears the thunder cry

While the rain keeps pouring down

Her only answer from the lonely sky

She has no idea how much you love her

Or how much you care

So would you choose one of your best

To be the answer to my prayer


Oh I dont know what else to pray this time

Maybe an angel can lead her lonesome heart away to Jesus side


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