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Крис Ри Крис Рибританский певец, музыкант, актёр

Sun is Rising

Strange room - In a cold cold city

I got to know this place so well

The lights are shining - Make it oh so pretty

In the church - of the buy and sell

I dreamt I was a young boy

My home fire is burning

I hear the ringing of the bells

Calling out - for the broken hearted

Who lost their souls in the wishing well

Lord help the sinners - Lord please hear what I say

Lord help the dying - Let their fears fall away

The key to the long lost door

In the darkest of days

Show us the guiding light - Let our fears fall away

Sun is rising - sun is rising - sun is rising

Let the good Lord show us the way

Крис Ри

Sun is Rising / Крис Ри

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