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Sweet Kiss

I lie awake, late at night

I just don't seem to sleep at all

Got so high, don't I know why

Said man I got that Moon-dog call

Stepping out into the street

Gonna dance till my legs fall off

Mister policeman say "what's wrong with you

Why you behaving this way?"

I said I'm hung on her sweet kiss

My mama told me that the day would come

So I don't need no alibi

The judge looked down with a pointed frown

And said "boy you got to explain why"

Out on the street, late at night

Dancing like a crazy fool

Laughing and singing, what's wrong with you?

Why you behaving this way?

I said I'm hung on her sweet kiss

And all the boys they're gonna laugh

And all the girls gonna talk in class

But I don't care, there's just no way

I'm gonna let this feeling fade away

I said I'm hung on her sweet kiss

Крис Ри

Sweet Kiss / Крис Ри

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