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Soup Of The Day

Well she thinks she's looking so cool

She thinks she's great but she's just a fool

What awful lack of class makes this kind behave this way

I look and only think of one thing to say

Soup, she's just soup

Soup of the day

She's thin around the waistline

Thin around the brain

You see this type so many times

Time and time again

How could they really think

They'd be treated in any other way

Everybody's looking and everybody say

Soup, she's just soup

Soup of the day

Well you'd think they'd know better

That behaving in this way

They think they're being clever

But I really have to say

You'd better think it over

You'll regret it one fine day

When the circus party's over

And you were just soup of the day

She's just soup

Soup of the day

Крис Ри

Soup Of The Day / Крис Ри

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