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Крис Ри Крис Рибританский певец, музыкант, актёр

New Times Square

I'll see you round about midnight

You know I won't be late

Let's dive into this crap house

And truth hell have to wait

The truth of what has gone before

Lies bleeding on the floor

The only truth remaining still

Is that truth don't matter anymore

So meet me round about midnight

I won't let you down I swear

We'll hang on to each other

Down at the new Times Square

It seems that we can't run from this

No matter how we try

There's nothing here worth keeping

So let's kiss it all goodbye

Tell me what's worth keeping anyway

It doesn't seem to matter

What we do or what we say

Everything we had

They have now taken it all away

The truth don't matter anymore

Крис Ри

New Times Square / Крис Ри

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