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Curse Of The Traveller

On the restless road to nowhere

There's no certain peace it seems

Desire to keep on moving

till the river of dreams

Is it just because someone told you

Is it just because you found

Old freedom feels uneasy when duty is around

When allegiance asks the questions

Old freedom twists and turns

And chokes on codes of honour

On the sword of no return

And it's the curse of the traveller

The curse of the traveller

Got a hold of me

And it won't let you be

And in sleepless nights

You'll call her name

And feel loneliness cold to the bone

And when the daylight breaks

This old tired heart aches

To be such a long way, such a long way from home

And you long for the harbourlights

But you'll never be free

Of the craving for refuge

And the call of the sea

Always wanting to sell up

But always needing to buy

So till the road leads to somewhere

And that river runs dry

It's the curse of the traveller

Ain't gonna let you be

The curse of the traveller

And it sure got a hold of me

Крис Ри

Curse Of The Traveller / Крис Ри

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