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Крис Ри Крис Рибританский певец, музыкант, актёр

Chisel Hill

Misty eyes on a misty day

Come across a place like this along your way

You walk straight in to that sweet and tender trap

And you know you're lost and found

And there ain't no going back

Spend the rest of your days playing all the hardest games

Just to get back to that place again

And memories oh how they stick to you

You know there ain't a thing, not a single thing you can do

On Chisel hill

I've been ten thousand miles from this place and seen it I swear

I've woke up happy thinking that I was there

It's the place I love, it's where I wanna be

And I won't give up until I get to see

A little something in there to call my own

Pass the time of day and head off home

The evening shadows on the dry stone walls

The night draws in and the ale house calls

And happy I will be

When the road goes no further than what I see

When past here it's nowhere to go

And I ain't gonna give up until I get see

Those angel eyes looking up at me

The prince of peace and time is standing still

On Chisel hill

Крис Ри

Chisel Hill / Крис Ри

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