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All Around Cowboy

Well i've never been afraid of much and never thought i need a crutch

To help me through the trials of this life

But there's one thing i cant do with out and copenhagen's what i'm talking

About and i love it nearly as much as i love my wife.

Now when i first started chewing i didn't know what i was doing

But i liked the way it helped me to relax

And a big ol' chew tastes might good just the way copenhagen should

But when its gone i'm a slobbering maniac.


I'm a copenhagen junkie, there's a big ol' hairy monkey on my back

And he just wont let me be

Cause when i run out of chewing

I know i'm on the road to ruin

Yes that copenhagen's got a hold on me

I can go without a lot of things like sweet potatoes and butter beans

And you know if wouldn't really bother me at all

I can go without coffee for a couple of days but if you take my snuffs away

I'll be climbing like the spider up the wall.


Well i even tried to quit one time

My knees got weak and sorta went blind and my mellow disposition headed south

I started eating like a big fat hog got wild got mean like a rabbit dog and

Start frothing and foaming at the mouth


Can i help you sir?

Ah, yea do you got any copenhagen?

No sir i'm afraid we're all out



Ahh copenhagen, it makes me feel so good

But when its gone boys, i ain't feeling exactly the way i should

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