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Love Before First Sight

This affected affection of mine takes me nowhere

You're just an empty shell of what we used to do!

I've been drinking from your fountain, baby

Caught red-handed by my physical decay

Are we talking' about love, or are we dealing with infection?

I had a short - cut me loose and switch me on!

My cytogenous mechanism mutates into foreign bodies

Head 'n arms 'n legs are goin' back on me

I'm sinkin' in piles of inhuman affection, falsity as self-protection


I've got a psychoactive all-organic fear of panic

When your eyes run over my skin

Eyes see red red red skin me deep freeze does he who's born to burn

I've got someone on my mind......scratch it off!!!

I've been twistin' round you, baby

Like a snake fearin' his prey

You're suckin' and blowin' like a rooster booster

Well, I ain't gonna let you blow my stack

'cause I can't rely on my memory - your face is a mirror!

So I go down the wishing well, breaking legs and wishing well

Church bells ringing and the mute swans singing

Abhorence ain't gonna be the reason why you'll wish me back to the home of the damned

1st verse:

If you could see with my eyes and I witness your view...

If you could look out my eyes and I level your outlook...

...we'd be talking life long infatuation!

Chris Juris 1994

Love Before First Sight /

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