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Крис Айзек Крис АйзекАмериканский исполнитель и автор песен, актёр.


I know I should try, and I do.

I know that I can't win.

But I try for you, sometimes I pretend.

I've found my happiness.

Dark is day, and the night is blue.

But darling that's alright.

Cause' I know without you, I'd be left alone.

With my unhappiness.

If you think your alone, if you think that it's wrong that you've only died


Always lonely, always lonely.

If you think that it's true, that your love ain't blue, that there's

nothing to do but cry.

Then your lonely, always lonely.

Don't know why I cry, but I do.

I worry over you.

And I know someday, that when this love is through.

I'll find unhappiness.

When I'm through, I'll find unhappiness.

When I'm through, I'll find unhappiness

Крис Айзек

Unhappiness / Крис Айзек

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