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Крис Айзек Крис АйзекАмериканский исполнитель и автор песен, актёр.

The Lonely Ones

If you drive late at night, and pass the town at night.

And know that someone lies awake not sleeping.

If you drive fast at night, and hear the wind at night.

And know tha sometimes you can hear them weeping, the lonely ones.

The lonely ones.

And though you'd like to stop, you know it's wrong to stop.

The nights' to dark for you to ever reach them, the lonely ones.

The lonely ones.

As you drive on we drive faster, you try to leave the night behind you but


You hear them still.... You always will.

The lonely ones.

Out on the edge of town, you start to turn around.

But in your mirror you see the one who is crying, the lonely ones.

The lonely ones, the lone-ly ones

Крис Айзек

The Lonely Ones / Крис Айзек

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