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Крис Айзек Крис АйзекАмериканский исполнитель и автор песен, актёр.

Notice The Ring

Long legged

Good looking

You got everything

Slow walking

You come up

Then I notice the ring

I notice the ring

You're talking, I'm listening,

But I don't hear a thing

Is it something he bought you

Or only a ring, oh baby

I notice the ring, does it mean anything

You don't gotta fool me if you say it's only jewelry

I believe you when you slip off the ring, oh baby

It's got complicated if it's more than just gold plated

Are you single, does it mean anything

I notice the ring, we gotta slow down

She's laughing, stop worrying

Get in the swing

Heart pounding, I'm wondering

Just what did she mean

I notice the ring

I notice the ring

Say nobody's waiting

That's it's nothing just gold plating

That it really doesn't mean anything

Say your grandma left it to you

Just all you need to do is tell me that it's no wedding ring,

Nice diamond

I notice the ring

I notice the ring

We gotta slow down

I notice the ring

Крис Айзек

Notice The Ring / Крис Айзек

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